AT&T could buy Europe’s biggest mobile phone network (and Verizon’s former owner)

AT&T could buy Europes biggest mobile phone network and Verizons former owner

If Bloomberg’s sources are to be believed, the UK might need its own Paul Revere, riding from town-to-town and screaming “The Americans are coming!” Those persons familiar with the matter have claimed that AT&T is looking to buy Vodafone, Europe’s biggest mobile network, to help bolster the company’s growth and enjoy some of those lush Euro profits. According to the report, it’s not the first time the two have eyed each other up, but the complexities of the deal have always stopped them reaching a conclusion. Of course, now that Vodafone is dis-entangling itself from Verizon, that may not be as much of an issue, but we’re not sure how Big Red would feel if its deadliest rival suddenly teamed up with its former owner. That’s why AT&T is also keeping an eye on EE, the UK’s largest LTE network, as a spare just in case it can’t fill its dance card with the one it really wants.

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MoMA Will Banish Grotty Audio Guides With Free Guide App

MoMA Will Banish Grotty Audio Guides With Free Guide App

Smart: MoMA has announced the launch of an audio guide platform that will be accessible on Android or iOS devices for free.

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Nikon’s latest teaser for its retro DSLR shows the camera, however briefly (video)

Frustrated that Nikon’s teaser videos for its retro full-frame DSLR have shown precious little of the camera you’re supposed to be lusting after? You can relax now. In the company’s fifth and final clip (after the break), there are a few fleeting glimpses of the design in question. The body carries …

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Justin Bieber Shows Support for Troubled Chris Brown

Going to bat for his buddy, Justin Bieber grabbed some spray paint and plastered a message on Chris Brown’s behalf while out in Bogota, Columbia on Wednesday evening (October 30).

The “One Less Lonely Girl” singer wrote “Free Breezy” on a graffiti wall, referring to the legal woes plaguing Mr. Brown after his assault charges earlier this month.

Chris was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault after he got into a fight in Washington DC, and upon his release he checked into rehab for anger issues.

Of course, Justin also took the opportunity to spray paint a marijuana leaf as well as a tribute to Pac, his deceased hamster.

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