Google’s digital art prize winner is a poem you control with your body

Google asked artists to prove that code could be beautiful with its DevArt competition, and hundreds delivered on that promise. However, there can only be one winner: The Metamorphosis of Mr. Kalia, a visual poem from Cyril Diagne and BĂ©atrice…

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Nissan offers free electricity to entice EV customers

Though “fueling” an EV costs a pittance next to a gas-guzzler, hunting for that next compatible charging network can bring on cold sweats. Nissan Leaf buyers in 25 markets will soon be able to relax, though. A new “EZ-Charge” card will grant two…

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Did You Actually Buy Google Glass Today?

Did You Actually Buy Google Glass Today?

For one day and one day only , Google decided to open the Glass floodgates to anyone living in the US. Yes, your opportunity to hand Google $1500 of your hard-earned cash for a faceputer has finally arrived.

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Why One of World's Most Remote Places Has the Fastest Internet

Why One of World's Most Remote Places Has the Fastest Internet

Ever been to Bjørndalen? No, of course you haven’t: This tiny town, located in a remote area of Svalbard, the Arctic archipelago controlled by Norway, has more polar bears than humans. Curiously, it’s also home to some of the country’s fastest internet speeds.

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